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My short story, "A Vacation" was just published in The Metaworker!

This is the first thing I've ever had published.
I'm both humbled and crazy excited.

Monochromatic Space Photo Science Fiction Book Cover-3.png


A nearby star disappears and a dozen chimps in the Ivory Coast evolve to, and beyond, the state of humankind overnight. 

From the Mauna Loa observatory in Hawaii, Emily detects a signal coming from the direction of the vanishing star and hears news of the chimps. Unable to convince herself that these extraordinary events are unrelated, Emily sets off to learn more and discovers something that might shift the future of humanity. 

At the same time three people have life changing encounters with one of the newly evolved post-humans: Jonah, alone in an evacuated seaside town as a monumental hurricane approaches, has finally worked up the courage to end things. Shel, who is on her first blind date, struggles to find the difference between freedom and loss as she releases herself from her faith. Toshi, whose daughter was kidnapped months ago, has nothing left but hope and a knife as he refuses to call off the search.

As these events play out, a vast and unseen starship approaches Earth for the first time in hundreds of thousands of years. 


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